FRAME FOR THE CHIEFS  part #111ShieldFrame  $289.95 shipping $39.95  (Please note that Indian also sells a small shield and frame that has different hole pattern and is not compatable. Our equiipment is compatable with the standard Indian shield or the Freedomshields we sell.) THE BLACK TRIM PACKAGE IS OPTIONAL AND NOT INCLUDED.

Windshield and Frame


all the Chiefs and Springfields

The Thunder Works windshield frame for Chief and Springfield is made of HDPE plastic (cutting board material). They are solid black throughout and UV resistant. They are extremely strong yet soft at the surface. This helps prevent scratching your bike while installing or removing the frame. It only takes seconds to mount or remove the windshield frame. Once mounted it is very sturdy and cuts the wind very efficiently. All hardware is provided and is stainless steel or plastic (no corrosion). The black textured color compliments your bike very nicely.  The windshields are sold seperately below. Besure to get the correct frame for your bike. There are small difference between the Chief bikes and the Springfield bikes.  These frames are quick release and require that you have spools on the sides of your fork. If you don't have this, you will need to buy spool kits. Also note that the shields are sold seperately.

Freedom Shield

Windshield fits Indian Brand frames or

Thunder Works

Please send an email if you are ordering for an Indian brand frame

Freedom Shields have a slight up turn on the top of the windshield. This helps kick the wind up and over your head allowing you to use a slightly shorter windshield. They are made of Plexiglas and are more resistant to scraches compared to polycarbonite. Also the edges are polished and look more finished than polycarbonite. Call for help with sizing. 954-247-1450 Generally speaking 12" is good for 5"-8" and under, 14" is good for 5'-9"-5'-10, 16" is good for 5'-11"-6'-1", and the 18" is good for 6'-1"-6'-6". Prices start at $179.95 plus $59.95 shipping.  If you want a shield for Scout go to the Scout windshield page.



Chief or Springfield Bike

This video features the Scout but shows you how the Freedom Shield works.

Upper spool kit includes 2 spools, 2 washers and 2 bolts. These spools are larger than the lower spools.

part# 111UpperForkSpools  $24.95

This shows the Chief frame. It is available with or without the black trim package that goes on the front of the shield.


How to tell if you need a frame for a Chief or for a Springfiled. Usually the name Springfield is in the bikes name but not always. So this is the important tell: On the sides of the forks are two bolts. This is where the frames mount. See the red arrows. On the Chief bikes the distance between the centers of the bolts is about 8 1/4" or 217mm. The distance on the Springfield bikes is about 7 3/4" or 199mm The 2021 Chief Vintage Dark Horse uses the Springfield frame. Confused yet? Call if you need help.


Springfield frame

The frame for the Springfield bikes includes the black trim package (but not the Chief). It has the words "Indian Springfield" engraved on the horizontal piece. If you want it to be plain with no engraving send an email after ordering. If you have a 2021 Chief Vintage Dark Horse email and ask to engrave "Indian Dark Horse"

The part number for the Springfield frame and trim package is #SFFrame.

The price is $329.95 plus $34.95 shipping

This is a quick release system and requires upper and lower spools on the sides of your fork. Watch the video to understand how this works. We offer the spools for sale below also. The shield is sold seperately. The shield can be adjusted 5/8" or 1 1/4" taller if needed.


Lower spool kit includes 2 spools and 2 bolts. part# 111LowerForkSpools  $24.95

SPOOL KITS You must have upper and lower spools to mount the quick release windshield frames on your bike. Watch the video to see how this works. If your bike has a black fork and headlight cover, you want to use our spools. They have a flange on them and it keeps the frame from rubbing the bike.

Freedomshield for Chief or Springfield

Both the Chief and Springfield frames come with a 5 second quick release. No tools are required.

Be sure to select Chief or Springfield. They are different.

The windshield and the mounting frame are sold separately