Marcus is the owner and founder of  I have been an inventor most of my life. I bought a Scout spring of 2015. I bought every accessory Indian had for the Scout. But that was not enough. I began making my own mods to the bike. I went on the forums to get help and ideas. I soon found that there were few companies making parts and accessories for the Scout. This led to forming a company. I bought a Springfield May of 2016. Since then, I have been designing and making products for most of the Indian bikes.

     I also started the local Indian Motorcycle Riders Group in Charleston, SC. Then I moved the factory to SE Georgia, I ride and test new products. On long rides I constantly think about what else I can come up with or what I can do to improve products. I have combined my skills and experience with 3D CAD, various molding processes and using some not before used materials, Advanced 3D printing, and maching to make products for the Indians. Thanks to you Indian owners and customers, this business has become the real deal. I hope to serve you well and share what I have learned. I am always open to any ideas you have.

Today, most companies depend on product manufacturing and parts coming from China. I use materials 95% made in America and manufacture the products here in the U.S. I controll the entire process. So I get to catch my dumb mistakes hopefully before you see them.