2019-2022 Windshield frame

for Springfield and Chief Bikes

Shield frames for these bikes must be custom built. Due to supply issues it appears that Indian Motorcycle has had to use various parts to build complete bikes. You all know what a huge shortage of bikes we are experiencing now. Not all but many of bikes made during these years have minor variations such as the turn signals might be mounted too close to the forks and the windshield will not fit. The Chief and Springfield forks are being blended different ways. The bikes are perfectly wonderful except it is almost impossible to buy a windshield frame for it (again not all but many).


At Thunder Works after struggling with many frames and working with wonderful customers we have learned of the many variations. There is no way to know which bike has what part. So we have developed a measuring kit that is easy to use. It gives us the data needed to build a custom windshield frame that will fit your bike and mount standard shield. We sell and recommend the Freedomshield. In many cases it is necessary to move the turn signals father away from the forks. We have a bracket for that. The measuring kit will tell use the width of the fork shoulders, the distance between mounting bolts, the rake of the forks, and need to move the turn signals. It is simply a set of cardboard devices. You will hold it up to your bike and note it is touching at A or B. You can then send that info to us to build your frame. We have all the components instock to assemble a custom frame for you. This is a breakthrough technology that solves a serious issue. There is no other solution anywhere. You might be able to order a frame and shield from an Indian Dealer. After waiting it might or might not fit.

2019+ Shield Frame Custom Measuring Kit

$24.95 free shipping

The turn signal re-locating brackets if needed will cost $249.95 plus $12.95 shipping

The custom windshield frame will cost $429.95 This is not cheap but it is custom built and it is available.

The Freedomshields will cost from $199.95 to $229.95 and are available in 4 levels of tint. and sizes. We can help you decide size and color.

Call to order so we can make sure you are getting what you need. 912-540-5222 You will need to order the Frame Measuring Kit so we know what to build.

This is the turn signal re-locating kit. It includes the fork spools necessary to mount the windshield frame. It also includes spacers to move the turn signals forward and out a little. Each bracket mounts onto the upper sides of the fork. All hardware is included.

part # TurnSigMove $249.95 plus $12.95 shipping

Order the custom frame here. $429.95 plus $39.95 shipping