for 111 Bikes

     This travel trunk is made for the Scout, Chief, Vintage Chief, Dark Horse, Springfield, and Dark Horse Chieftain. It takes less than a minute to install or remove it. The mounting bracket is made of a high density plastic that is super strong but won't scratch your bike while installing. It mounts onto the saddlebag spools on your bike. Some bikes may require that you order the spools from Indian. It will easliy hold your helmet and other gear. It actually hold 2 helmets if you nestle them. It weighs 23 pounds total and is 22.5" at the widest point. It comes with two keys so you can lock it. It is removed by unscrewing two nylon screws. They have to be unscrewed over an inch before it will release. So even if someone tries to steal it they most likely won't figure it out. The box is made of ABS and comes in black. You can sand and paint if you choose. The backrest is made by Corbin Saddles. (We are an authorized dealer.) You can order any color they make. We usually stock black units but it takes up to 6 weeks for Corbin to make a custom backrest. Part #111-BDT  $1149.95 (shipping $89.95)

Please note: The Vintage saddle bag spools need to have the black plastic sleeves on them in order for our trunk mount to fit. If your Vintage does not have them you can purchase them from your Indian dealer..

Thunder works Single Tour

for 111 Bikes

The Single Tour fits on the 111's set up for a one up rider. There is no backrest. It uses the same quick release system and it sits more forward on the bike.

Part # 111-BST   $595.95  shipping $59.95

                                                      Budget Version

We also offer the Two up Thunder Trunk with a vinyl back rest for less money. It does not compare to the Corbin in quality but is an alternative. The vinyl only comes in black. Everything else is the same. Quick release and same trunk. Part #111-BDT-V  $695.95 plus $89.95 shipping