Suicide Shifter

This "suicide shifter" easily fits onto any of the 111/116 Indian bikes. It allows you to shift gears with your right hand. If you want you can also maintain the ability to shift with the toe shifter. Available in chrome and black. The knob has a 3/8 x 24 thread. So you can put most any classic shifter knob on if you prefer. This gives your Indian bike the retro look it asks for. As far as riding with it.... It is very easy to shift. Normally you let up on the throttle as you shift anyway. In this case you you reach down and shift adding a split second more time to each shift. But it is fun to do. It makes you feel more part of the bike. It is like driving a 2 wheeled sports car. Also, at a stop light, you can put both feet down and still shift. Sometimes you forget to down shift or some people like to sit at the light in nuetral. You will no longer have to that weird balance act while leaning the bike to one side so you can tap the toe shift. It only takes about an hour to install and is easy to do. It is available for bikes with standard size air filters and also for bikes with large air filters such as the "Ripper" shown here. Priced at $569.95 plus 29.95 shipping for normal air filters and $599.95 plus $29.95 for large air filters



Please note the shifter works on Cheiftains with no modification needed. If you have a Roadmaster or Roadmaster lowers on your Chieftain, it will still fit. It requires a spacer kit with spacers and longer bolts to move your lowers a tiney bit to make room for the shifter. Part #SuicideSpaKit $39.95 free shipping