Thunder Works makes an adjustable springer seat for the Scout. As far as we can find this is the only one in the world. Springer seats are usually fixed in one position only. We think you should be able to adjust it to fit you. The "Thunder Seat" for Scout can be moved up and down several inches as well as moved forward and backwards. It can even be tilted up or down. If you are under 5'-9" tall this might be tall for you. If you are taller it will allow you to find your perfect position. The entire seat will still open to allow acces to your battery compartment. This springer seat also gives you the extra "cushion" that the Scout needs for the bumps in the road. Instead of buying a $700 new set of rear shocks you might consider this solution. With the springs you have several more inches of play when you hit those unexpected bumps. Also. the forward hinge is machined aluminum and does not flop around like most spring seats. Several seats are available for this unit. The one shown as well as a wider one. Call for more details. More photos and info will be added soon. The complete package cost $749.95 (shipping $49.95) part #5200

The Only Adjustable Spring Seat in the World