Scout 2up Trunk

These photos are of a Scout. So you can turn your Scout into a mini Tour Bike if you want. We sold the seats and hand grips. The saddle bags are by US Saddlebags. We can get these for you if you need. This "add to cart" button is for the quick release travel trunk. It mounts onto the saddle bag spools and can be changed out in one minute. The trunk will give you a lot of extra carry room. It is a very light weight system (about 20 pounds) and comes in a high gloss black finish. It comes with a set of two keys. The mounting sysem is heavy duty black polyethelene. The back rest is made for us by Corbin seats and can be customized to your color choice. part #SCT-2TRUNK-BLK $1095.95 plus $89.95 shipping

Trunk, back rest, and mount system

The trunk and mount are shipped in seperate boxes as shown here. The mounting holes are predrilled. You will need to attach the two units with 4 nuts and bolts and some screws (supplied).

Scout Rack Attach Trunk

This is a smaller trunk that attaches to the Thunder Works rack and is quick release. It takes less than a minute to remove or install. The rack is sold separately and is required for this product. This trunk will hold one 3/4 size helmet. Most full face helmets are little too big for the lid to close. It has a back rest pad built in. So this is a solo rider set up. The trunk can be adjusted forward and back to the position you like. Part #SctRackTrunk1  $299.95 plus $39.95 shipping