THUNDER WORKS "Ripper"

     This intake is designed for the 111 and 116 engines. It requires you to remove all of the original intake. With this unit you will be sucking in all of the cool air your engine wants. The cone filter is huge and restricks the air flow very little. It comes with a rain guard. The tank protects most of it from rain. It includes the needed tube to connect your polution control vent. The built-in airbox helps deliver the most air when needed. It also promotes a very smooth air flow path. The bulb shape of this intake is very special. Anytime air has to turn a corner it tends to slow down because the speeds change on the outside curve and the inside curve as well as friction against the walls. This bulb design is larger than a normal elbow allowing the speed difference and wall friction to be reduced since the pressures are reduced as it makes the turn. This is a new approach to getting air into the manifold efficiently.   Many intakes have a pretty shape but force the air to take a hard 90 degree turn compressing part of the air flow and slowing it down. It is time for motorcycle intakes to advance in design.

This intake is made by a break through technology. It is 3D Resin printed. Industry is using 3D printing more and more to make prototypes of new products. However, at Thunder Works we have developed a way to make high quality usuable intakes directly from the printer. This allows us to make shapes and chambers exactly as needed without compromise. The plastic is resistent to heat, gas and oil and will last many many years.

Please note that you need to buy a K&N re-charge kit or similar. This allows you to oil the filter the first time. Then you will be able to clean it and re-oil it many times with a $13 kit available at Amazon and auto stores.

The blue rubber band is a special silicon band used to seal the intake to your manifold and is included. It can withstand 600 degrees temp. The included filter is reusable and requires cleaning and oiling.

Complete set up (fuel computer not included)  $349.95 (shipping $13.95)


Does not take leg room away.

Now included is a plug for the crankcase vent tube. If you want to not connect the vent tube, you can install the plug and put a seperate filter on the vent tube (not included).

Ripper for 111 bikes in black

Part # Ripper-111-Blk

$349.95 plus $17.95 shipping

Ripper for 116 bikes in black  This fits any of the big bore kit or 2019 bikes.

Part # Ripper-116-Blk

$349.95 plus $17.95 shipping