$99.95 "Black Flame Mirrors" for Scout part #20001-B (shipping $13.95) This pair of mirrors comes with the proper adaptor to fit the Scout. Simply replace your stock mirrors. These are all flat black. The mirror is smaller than the stock mirrors. The swivel is very high quality and holds it position very well. The mirror is slightly tinted and makes it easier to see (no glare). This mirror reaches out a little farther than the stock mirror and doesn't require you to pull in your shoulder or elbow to see.

$139.00 "Black Arrowhead Mirrors" for Scout part #20002-B  (shipping $13.95)These mirrors are shaped like an Indian arrowhead and are gloss black. They come ready to mount in place of your stock mirrors. The mount is very solid. Instead of a swivel they rotate two directions (at the base and at the mirror). The mirrors reach out slightly farther than the stock mirrors. They are smaller than the stock mirrors but they kinda of make sense on an Indian bike.