"Hurican" for SCOUT, SCOUT 60 and OCTANE

This fits all years

The "Hurican" gets its name from the native American word that has now become hurricane in American English. $259.95  part #Scout Hurican hi-flow intake. (shipping $15.95) This intake replaces the stock intake box and delivers much more air.  If used with a fuel management computer or re-flash and a hi-flow exhaust it will increase HP and Torque dramatically. Check out the Indian Performance page. The stock air intake preheats the air by routing it over the radiator first. This is counter to performance. You want the air to be cool. This intake eliminates the preheating and increases air flow tremendously. We believe that this design allows air to pass through the filter and into the throttle body more efficiently than the other types of intake.

The bulb shape of this intake is very special. Anytime air has to turn a corner it tends to slow down because the speeds change on the outside curve and the inside curve as well as friction against the walls. This bulb design is larger than a normal elbow allowing the speed difference and wall friction to be reduced since the pressures are reduced as it makes the turn.

The filter on this intake is the largest of any offered for the Scout. It is bigger than it needs to be. So yes competitor brands are also very good. However, this filter has a big advantage. The Scout requires you to remove the gas tank to even inspect the filter, so it is easy to put this task off for too long. Since our filter is so big it can get dirty longer before it begins to restrict the flow. So it will give you the most unrestricted air flow of any filter on the market and last longer between cleanings.

This video will show you how to replace the stock intake and install the "Screaming Scout" intake. The "Hurican" has replaced the "Screaming Scout" intake but this video still shows you the procedure.

The filter comes with a silicon band to seal the airbox to the intake manifold. The coke can is not included but helps illustrate the size.

This intake is made by a break through technology. It is 3D Resin printed. Industry is using 3D printing more and more to make prototypes of new products. However, at Thunder Works we have developed a way to make high quality usuable intakes directly from the printer. This allows us to make shapes and chambers exactly as needed without compromise. The plastic is resistent to heat. gas and oil and will last many many years.

Please note that you need to buy a K&N re-charge kit or similar. This allows you to oil the filter the first time. Then you will be able to clean it and re-oil it many times with a $13 kit available at Amazon and auto stores.

Spare filter. Why? Since you have to remove the tank, then the filter, clean it, dry it, re-oil, and then re-install. If you have a spare. you can swap it out in one operation and take your time cleaning the other filter.

part# SpareFilter-Sct $69.95 shipping free