The leather fork bag is a "Thunder Works" product and is hand dyed to bring out a rich natural tan color and is also hand stitched. The leather is treated to resist weather and keep your contents dry. It is not a perfect match to the Indian tan leather.  We buy natural vegi-tan leather and apply dyes and sealers in house. This hand dyed  approach gives the leather an old world look. This is because it is not perfectly dyed by a machine. It is about 10 inches wide, 5 1/2 inches tall, and 4 inches wide. It incorporates a unique mounting system that allows it to mount in many different ways and different locations. There are four sets of 4 holes on the back. Strong leather laces are supplied. This allows you to attach each lace to a handlebar or fork for example and tighten it as needed. The result is that it is more versitle and more secure than the standard strap and buckle method. You can mount it on the fork or inside the windshield on the handlebars. The latches are simple and can be opened and closed with one hand because you are probably holding your glasses or something in the other hand. Buckles require two hands and take much longer. We only offer tan as a color choice. There are many very affordable black bags available on the internet. Part #Tan Fork Bag

PRICE: $259.95 plus $17.95 shipping

The new color we are making is shown above. It has more character and looks very WW1 or retro.