These spacers move the left floorboard out 7/8". This allows you to mount a heel shifter close to the engine and gain more room for your foot. The heel shifter sold by Indian looks and works great for a good price but it covers the floorboard too much. This solves that problem. It is easy to install and only takes a few minutes. Once installed you will have full use of your floorboard. This is for the 111's and 116 's. The spacers are 7/8" long and made from tough black Delrin. Many buy this set up even if they don't use a heel shifter. The stock floorboards feel a little to close to the bike. This will help bow legged biker syndrome.

Once you move the floorboards out, you need to also extend the toe shifter. So the kit includes a 1 1/2" long extender. The photo shows a prototype with 2 grooves. The actual extender has 3 grooves to match the rubber.

Kit #9010-B $89.95 (shipping $8.95) Extenders for the left side floorboard and extender for the toe shifter including hardware.

Part #9010-BR $34.95 ($5.95 shipping) Extenders for the right side floorboard. (If you want to be symetrical.)