Thunder Works

Leather Drink Holder

     The Thunder Works leather Drink Holder can be mounted almost anywhere. It utilises a a special mounting bracket that allows you to lock it into many positions. It will mount onto any bar 3/4" to 1 1/4" in diameter and comes with all the neccessary hardware. If you are able to mount a less expensive drink holder on your bike, then go for it. This is a solution for people that want top quality and can't find a location for most of the drink holders on the market. Because it mounts on any bike bar and can be articulated to many positions it allows you to find a good location. It is made from high quality hand dyed leather and will withstand many years of weather.

Black leather part #6060-B $85.95   shipping $8.95

Tan leather part #6060-T $95.95

shipping $8.95 This tan leather matches the Indian leather on the new bikes.

Jumbo Drink Holder

Finally, a large drink holder. This will hold large bottles like the YETI 32 ounce shown. (up to 3.75" diameter bottles) (you provide the bottle). It comes with an indian concho which vary in design. This leather drink holder is very high quality and it is uses the same strong mounting bracket. The back plate is ABS with the heavy leather sew directly onto it. The mount is solid aluminum with a stainless steel u-bolt for 1" and 1 1/4" bars. The mount allows you to mount the bracket at different angles and still hold the bottle vertical in a way that prevents it from flopping around.

Jumbo Drink Holder Black

     part# JDrinkH-BLK  

  $129.95 + $9.95 shipping

Jumbo Drink Holder Tan

     part# JDrinkH-Tan

$139.95 + $9.95 shipping  

If you want to choose the concho, please send an email with your choice of 1-5. We can usually accomadate your choice.

Leather Saddlebag Mount

This is the same holder but the mount is designed to clamp onto your leather saddlebag. It requires making 2 1/4" holes through the leather saddlebag. Then two bolts clamp the drink holder firmy in place. One plate goes on the inside of the bag and the drink holder mounts on the outside. This locates the drink hold very conveniently to reach back ang grab.

Jumbo Drink Holder for bag Tan

     part# JDrinkH-Bag-Tan  

     $99.99 + 9.95 shipping

Jumbo Drink Holder for bag Black

        part# JDrinkH-Bag-Blk

       $89.95 + $9.95 shipping


    Drink Holder for bag Tan

     part# DrinkH-Bag-Tan  

     $79.99 + 9.95 shipping


    Drink Holder for bag Black

        part# DrinkH-Bag-Blk

       $69.95 + $9.95 shipping

Also available in the regular size Drink Holders. Photos not available yet.