We sell the Dobeck Performance Fuel Computer for this reason: It is an excellent solution. It stays on board your bike at all times and settings can be changed anytime in a matter of two minutes. It basically overrides your bike's computer and allows you to inject more fuel and air to increase performance. It utilizes 6 zones with16 settings for each zone. The zones include things like full throttle and acceleration. You don't need a computer, laptop, or dyno to change the "Tune" of your bike. Symply remove the seat or side panel to expose the computer module (about 2 1/2 x 4 inches) and press buttons to move the settings up or down. We will help you understand how to do it and give you are starting point. You will quickly understand it and want to experiment yourself.

     The Dobeck EJK will make your stock bike run better, but if you combine it with one of our high flow intakes and a less restricted exhaust it becomes a new bike. You can turn it into a monster if you like. The dyno charts below show a tremendous increase in HP and especially Torque. Please note that if you ride normal you will not lose on gas mileage and maybe see an increase. However, if you ride like you mean it, you can enjoy tremendous power with a little sacrifice in fuel economy.  

     Indian claims that that Scout comes with 100 HP but this is measured at the crank not the wheel. The numbers at the wheel vary slighlty bike to bike but are about 87.5 HP and 63.5 Torque. This dyno to the right shows 96.5 HP and 76.6 Torque. This was measured after modifying the Scout with an EJK fuel controller, Thunder Works "Screaming Scout" intake, and a RPW 2 into 1 exhaust system. The increase is over 10%.

The Dobeck EJK fuel controller $249.95 (shipping $6.95) for Scout or Scout 60    part #3001

     This dyno shows a modified Indian Springfield with Stage 2 cams, Thunder Works 4X intake, EJK fuel controller, and stock exhaust that has been gutted. The stock bike measures about 73 HP and 101 Torque. With our mods the numbers moved up to 86.5 HP and Torque to 112.7

The Dobeck EJK fuel controller for Thunderstroke 111"s $249.95 (shipping $6.95) part #3001-111

Dobeck  EJK