"Arrow" 111 intake

This is the second highest air flowing intake you can buy for the Indian 111 bikes. The "Air Monster" (also made by Thunder works) is the highest. The "Arrow" is huge and it adds a unique Indian style to your bike. The front and back plates are machined and polished billet aluminum. The filter is a custom shaped K&N filter that is reusable. This filter is so free breathing, you will hear your intake roar as it sucks in air. Some may not want this sound but if like it, it is awesome. The video offers some sound track. Because you will need to remove the stock intake and all of the components that go with it, more air will flow onto your heads and keep your bike cooler. Also the filter itself is more isolated from the heads, so the air it sucks in is cooler. These are very desirable features. If you want to get the most power out of your engine, you need to restrict the intake airflow as little as possible. This will do it better than any other intake filter. Comes complete with all hardware needed. Part #11106  $599.95 plus $39.95 shipping to the US 48

This video lets you hear the rush of air and see how to install it.

This video also lets you hear the rush of air going into the intake.

Bonus feature: The 3 photos above show a closer and closer view of the cold air vent created by installing this intake. This was originally used by the OEM intake filter. But after removing it, you now have cold air hit the new intake as well as the rear cylinder head. Since the rear head is always hotter than the first head, this is very good. It will help keep your thighs a little cooler. Stop lights offer no air flow but at least the head is a little cooler when you stop. Air enters the front of the frame and comes out this oval hole between the two cylinders.