1911 Pistol Grips

There are many grips available for 1911 guns. These are designed by Marcus and are unique.

These grips will fit standard, full size 1911 style platforms. They are not cut for ambidextrous safeties.

- These are each unique from one another based on grain & color of the wood or leather used for the grip sets.

- The wood is finished and sealed with polyurethane. The leather is sealed with a leather sealer. This is the same leather we use on our leather motorcycle grips but it is sealed on the grip.

Made in the USA

Be advised: all custom grips are each unique.

The grips are cut and hand finished from one piece of the wood so the grains match.

Each grip set differs from the next and the patterns on the RIGHT and LEFT sides 

are similar but not exact matches because of the process used to make each set.

Color and pattern variations are to be expected. Please be aware of this fact before

ordering OR ASK QUESTIONS !!! The same applies to leather. We purposely pick pieces of leather with character in it.

These grips will definitely add a great deal of CLASS & BEAUTY to your Full Size 1911.

This set of grips are made of a hardwood and then covered with a beautiful tan leather. Indian Head Nickles are embedded in the middle. The leather is sealed and will hold up well outdoors and even in the rain. They require a little more care than a solid wood grip. Leather will dent or scratch if you try hard enough. They are for full size 1911 guns. The screws are not included. We recommend stainless steel screws for looks. Part #1911-IndNic-full   $79.95 shipping is free.

This set of grips are made from maple. They are stained and sealed with polyurethane after the feathers are engraved. The engraving is filled with a black filler. They fit full size 1911 guns. No screws are included. Part #1911-MapFea-full   $39.95 Shipping is free.

This set of grips are made of cherry. They are sealed with polyurethane after the spider and web are engraved. (Indians have spiders too.....). They come with a set of 4 black torx screws. The screws help complete the image. If you want to go all out, you can fill the torx notch with white paint for the black widow spider. These fit full size 1911 guns.  Part #1911-CheSpi-full  $49.95  Shipping is free.

This set of grips are made of rosewood. Indian head nickels are embedded on each grip. Screws are not included. These fit full size 1911 guns.  Part#1911-RosNic-full  $59.95  Shipping is free.