We have been searching and testing different pipes and now are proud to sell these pipes made by RC Components. These are slip on pipes that fit the new Indian 111 engines. It is easy to change them out. They will give a much deeper rumble to your exhaust sound. They are 4" diameter pipes with a 2.5" diameter tube with baffles.  They are very unrestricted. This will give you more power especially if you increase the fuel and air into the engine. The sound is much better than stock yet it is not too loud. You can here the sound at the end of the video below. It is available in Chrome or Black. You get your choice of tips to go with your new pipes. Or you can get slash cut. See the photo. The price is $629.95 plus $59.95 shipping. Place your order then call 954-247-1450 or send an email to:   Tell us what finish you want, what tip you want and if you have hard bags or no bags etc. We will make sure you get the proper fit. We can't ship to California. So you would need to provide an out of state address.

part #111-RCX-pipes

Here is a video you can here the exhaust pipes.

RCX Exhaust