Dipstick Temp Gauge

The "Dipstick Temp Gauge" replaces your OEM dipstick. Why? Because it is many times easier to read the oil level and it gives you the temperature of your oil in the sump at a glance. The sensor is at the bottom of the gauge to give accurate readings.  Also, you don't need a special tool to remove and check it. Your fingers work just fine. It is machined from solid billet aluminum and then polished. It fits all of the new Indian bikes including the Scout. Yes, the dipsticks are all the same.

We only have chrome (no black). Once this batch is sold, there will be no more. This item is being discontinued. The manufacturer is retiring the business.

Black dipstick Part # Dip-blk  $134.95 plus $4.95 shipping

Chrome dipstick Part # Dip-chr  $149.95 plus $4.95 shipping