This set up uses a K&N high flow filter that has 3 black feathers and a silver (not real silver) concho. You will strip all of the stock intake off. This mounting allows your intake to gather cooler air and lots of it for high performance. part #Blk Fea intake  $269.95 PLUS $13.95 SHIPPING

This version of the same filter has a fake chrome finish on the feathers. Notice that the concho is different. The conchos come in random designs. part #Chr Fea intake $289.95 plus $13.95 shipping

This version the filter is finished in a textured fake chrome. The feathers are black and it includes a concho. part #Blk/Chr Fea intake $299.95 plus $13.95 shipping

Bonus feature: The 3 photos above show a closer and closer view of the cold air vent created by installing this intake. This was originally used by the OEM intake filter. But after removing it, you now have cold air hit the new intake as well as the rear cylinder head. Since the rear head is always hotter than the first head, this is very good. It will help keep your thighs a little cooler. Stop lights offer no air flow but at least the head is a little cooler when you stop. Air enters the front of the frame and comes out this oval hole between the two cylinders.