"Insert Dog Here" Pet Carrier

The "Insert Dog Here" pet carrier is a durable, well ventilated, and spacious way to drag your dog everywhere. It comes complete with instructions printed on the lid. It is offerred two ways. One mounts onto any of the Thunder Works luggage racks witha quick release system. The other has its own mounting bracket that is also quick release and does not require a luggage rack. In fact it mounts behind the passenger seat. You have to provide your own bedding and your own dog. OItherwise it is ready to go.

Pet Carrier for 111 bikes with a Thunder Works luggage rack. part #111pet-rack   $439.95 plus $59.95 shipping

(Luggage rack sold seperately.)

Pet Carrier for 111 bikes with a Thunder Works with saddle bag spools. (No luggage rack required.) part #111pet box   $499.95 plus $79.95 shipping

Here are the inside dimensions (in inches) of the pet carrier. The carrier can carry plenty of weight but you don't want your dog to be too crowded. Also remember that you need some kind of pad on the bottom. 25-30 pounds is probably the maximum size dog but that is still on the large size. So you might have to get a new dog. Sorry we don't make the rules.