$189.95  "Thunder Works Beach Bars"

for Scout chrome part #2001 (shipping $42.95)

$229.95 "Thunder works Beach Bars"

for Scout black part #2001-B  (shipping $42.95)

$349.95 "Thunder Works Leather Beach Bars"

for Scout part #2001-LT (shipping $42.95)

comes with free fork leather covers $50 value

These drag bars are available in chrome or black. They are a true 1" diameter with the knurls in the correct place. The ends are reduced to 7/8" diameter for the controls and grips. The ends are set up to mount the mirrors. Just under 32' wide. These bars really look correct on the Bobber. You can still use the stock cables.

Drag Bars for Scouts

Black Drag Bars for Bobber. Part #Sct-DragBars-B  Price $249.95 plus $19.95 shipping

Chrome Drag Bars for Bobber. Part #SctBob-DragBars-Chr  Price $249.95 plus $19.95 shipping


Since these bars are low and don't rise up. Depending on how you mount the grips and mirrors they may touch the tank if you turn the fork fully. This is not a problem while riding. Caution is needed when backing up and manuvering in the garage.